"By Foot" Or "On Foot"

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This is a very simple question, yet I did not find anybody that could give me a satisfactory answer. I would say “go by foot”, but it seems that “go ...Mar 25, 2011 ...Go by foot” vs. “go on foot” · 0 · preposition “travel in” or “travel by” · 9 · Why is “ the” dropped in “I go to lớn school by bus”? 0 · “Go by a bus” or “go ...Jul 11, 2006 ... I think you are correct - go by foot sounds odd to me. ... Some native speakers actually use "to go by foot", but the correct preposition is "on" (to ...that we had to abandon that idea and go by foot in heat. Visiting-city.eu ... If you don"t want to lớn go by foot or on wheels to explore this country, you can travel <...>.

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